Monday, 25 June 2007

Too much content, perhaps?

When I left the STC Conference on Saturday, one of my fellow-delegates said "I'll poke you later this week". She was not threatening me with minor violence, she was simply saying that she'd contact me on Facebook, the social networking site.

My excuse for joining Facebook was to keep in touch with my son as he was gallivanting around the world on his pre-university gap year. (As I am about 2.5 times the average age of a Facebook member I felt I needed an excuse.)

Apart from giving a new meaning to the verb "to poke", Facebook has become quite a phenomenon. According to today's Guardian, there is now a documented "class divide" between Facebook and its rival MySpace, where Facebook appears to have a more up-market clientele. In addition, there are now fears that all the user-generated content (so beloved of the "Web 2.0" cognoscenti) on Facebook, Myspace and the like is taking up too much bandwidth on the Internet, and so businesses are suffering!

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