Sunday, 24 June 2007

You've just missed an amazing conference

One of my voluntary activities is serving on the Council of the STC UK Chapter. This weekend we held a "Visual Communications" conference at the Moller Centre, at Churchill College, Cambridge. We had some tremendous presentations from some really great speakers. (The details are here.)
We could easily have accommodated twice as many delegates as we had, and we need to work out why more people didn't come along. Perhaps the focus of the conference was too narrow? After all, many technical writers are more interested in words than in pictures. Perhaps having a weekend event discouraged some people from attending? But when we hold a mid-week event people say that they can't get time off work. Perhaps we didn't give enough publicity, or we started publicising the event too late? I think this is certainly true.
Whatever the reason, everyone who attended thought the event was excellent, so we must mark this down as an educational success, and we must build on this for the future.

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