Wednesday, 12 September 2007

FrameMaker 8 and InDesign CS3

Like many professional technical writers, I have long been an enthusiastic user of Adobe FrameMaker for creating long text-rich publications such as software user guides and the like, so I was pleased when Adobe released a new version FrameMaker 8 a couple of months ago.

However, it's not the only professional document publishing product that Adobe manufacture. They also have Adobe InDesign CS3. Bill Blinn has posted an enthusiastic review of InDesign CS3 on his Techbyter blog. He says it is now ready to handle long documents, and I started wondering whether Adobe might have plans to merge the two products into one, which would worry me, as the emphasis in InDesign seems to be on the graphical publishing market, and on integration with other Adobe design and graphics software tools.

I raised this point on the Adobe FrameMaker group on Facebook (*), and I had a reply from Sarah O'Keefe of Scriptorium, who pointed out that there were three major features of FrameMaker which InDesign CS3 did not yet have: support for structured authoring; cross-referencing; and conditional text. Sarah also referred me to a product comparison on the Adobe site. I found the existence of the comparison reassuring, for the time being at least.

(* Yes, oh dear yes, I am on Facebook. But at least I am a member of some professional groups, like the FrameMaker one, so I am not wasting my time there entirely!)

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