Sunday, 28 October 2007

What Word 2007 is really for

I would imagine that most users of Word 2007 haven't paid much attention to what the "tooltip" message says when you hover your mouse pointer over the program icon. I have been using Word 2007 for several months and I only recently noticed this myself. Here's what it says:

"Microsoft Office Word 2007
Create and edit professional-looking documents such as letters, papers, reports, and booklets by using Microsoft Office Word"

What's that again? "Professional-looking" documents? Not professional documents then. OK.

That does make sense actually, because I'd like to think that most people realised that the difference between professional-looking documents and professional documents was the contribution made by documentation professionals.


Gordon said...

I'd like to think that too.. not sure how often it happens though. It does seem to be improving though, or maybe I'd just like to think that too!

WordNerd said...

With the number of times Word 2007 crashes on me, I can't wring even a "professional-looking" document out of it!