Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Facebook under fire again

I'm a word lover, and a Facebook afficionado, so here's a story just made from me. Hasbro, the manufacturer of the word game Scrabble, has apparently told Facebook to stop hosting the Scrabulous application, and legal action may be forthcoming. Writing about this in his Techland blog on Fortune on CNN Money, Josh Quitter wonders why Hasbro have taken this approach.

He understands the need for companies to protect their intellectual property - Scrabble makes a lot of income for Hasbro - but surely banning Scrabulous would damage the Scrabble brand, which currently does not have an online version. Wouldn't a buy out or take-over make more sense?

Maybe Quitter is right, and the people running Hasbro haven't understood the dynamics of the online marketplace. Like some of the people in the music industry, they are so used to equating sales with moving physical products, that it's difficult for them to accommodate a new business paradigm.

"Paradigm", eh. That's a good word. Wonder what that would get me on a Triple Word Score?

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