Sunday, 13 July 2008

Distance Learning at SHU mentioned in "The Independent"

Last Thursday's (10th July 2008) "Independent" newspaper carried an article about the impact of distance-learning postgraduate courses, Distance learning is helping workers' careers – and their pockets, too. The article spotlights the growing popularity of distance-learning MA courses for people trying to get ahead in the workplace, where an undergraduate degree is often no longer enough.

One of the students interviewed in the article is a graduate of the Corporate Communications MA course at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU). The student said she was "more confident knowing the theory that underpins what I'm doing every day", which is a key reason for undertaking academic study related to one's professional life. Corporate Communications is one of the four streams in the MA Programme in Professional Communication at SHU. The others are e-Communication, Professional Communication, and Technical Communication. I am of course, an interested party - as I may have mentioned before in this blog, I am an Associate Lecturer for the Technical Communications course.

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