Tuesday, 15 July 2008

This blog has moved

Correction 19th July 2008
I have moved back now, but with my own domain name. You can now find this blog at http://www.theblockheadblog.co.uk

I hope you like the new colours. :-)

Original message 15th July 2008

If you followed a link to theblockheadblog.blogspot.com you will have found a redirection notice to send you here. I've moved my blog to a new home on my own ISP's server, rather than on Blogspot. This is an experiment, and I'll decide in a few weeks whether I am going to keep it this way. I am still using Blogger software to write new posts, for the time being at least.
I've lost a couple of features, such as the blogroll and the Technorati links, and if you have any ideas on how I can get those features back, or any suggestions on alternative blogging software I could use, please let me know.

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