Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A few of my unfavourite things in Microsoft Word

I have enjoyed a long relationship with Microsoft Word for Windows, and I would describe myself as a reluctant admirer. As a heavy-duty user of Word, I understand that I am not using it in the way it was designed to be used, so I have modified my expectations accordingly. As well as my expectations, I have also learned to modify some of Word’s default settings so that I can have a little more control over its behaviour. As I have recently started working with Word 2007, I am going to describe some my my favourite tweaks – the adjustments that I make to disable my unfavourite features in Word 2003, and what the equivalent adjustments are in Word 2007.

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Unknown said...

You know there are many of us who feel your pain, David!

I'd like to provide a bit of comfort (from my point of view) concerning shortcuts. If you have Word 2003 shortcuts (some that have been around for many versions) coded into your fingers, do not fear. Word 2007 accepts those shortcuts. You must be fluent in the shortcut and type rapidly. Do not stop part way. Then Word will interpret it differently and it will fail.

However, try and let go of the past and move on. Get closure on 2003! Press Alt and notice how there is a tooltip showing a letter on all the options available to you at that moment. Press one of those letters and the next layer of options get a tooltip and the ones from the first layer disappear. You could call it the Progressive Disclosure principle in action here.
Try taking baby steps to the function you need. There are ones that you use frequently and before you know it, you have coded something new into your fingers.

I'll let know know when I have cracked the numbering mystery. :-)

Unknown said...

Uh... "I'll let know know" translates to "I'll let you know"