Monday, 22 September 2008

Good news for DITA from Edinburgh

I have just returned from a trip to the European UA Conference which was held this year in Edinburgh. There were plenty of speakers who mentioned DITA, including one delegate who demonstrated how her company had developed a bespoke solution using DITA and a WordPress blog.
There was also a "fringe meeting" (if you hold a conference in Edinburgh you just have hold a fringe meeting!!) in which Tony Self of Hyperwrite introduced delegates to the DITA Help technical sub-committee which he currently chairs.
I was at the conference as an Exhibitor for DITA Exchange, and I was kept very busy with enquiries at my stand. My vendor presentation went well and the live internet connection to a Microsoft SharePoint Server located in Denmark actually worked.
But the best news for people concerned about the slow pace of DITA adoption is that in a pre-conference survey which asked delegates which help technology interests them for the future more than a third of delegates chose DITA. I think that's an impressive and reassuring statistic.

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