Sunday, 16 November 2008

User Documentation Survey 2008

Every so often I launch a survey about user documentation - sometimes it's specifically for a conference paper, and sometimes it's just as a small contribution to the growing body of knowledge in technical communications.
This time I have included three groups of questions: questions for people who create user documentation, questions for people who create technology products, and questions for the most important group of people of all - people who use technology products.
I am launching this survey as an open survey on the internet, and so I know any results will only be indicative, rather than representative of a particular group of users. However I do hope as many people as possible will take part.
I plan to publish the results in the first quarter of 2009, and because I have data from previous surveys (going back to 1999) I may be able to show some trends, particularly in terms of what kinds of documents are being produced.
Please take a few minutes to complete the survey - thank you.

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